The VERSUS project by artist Rustha Luna Pozzi-Escot is a set of pieces grouped into three parts looking at three periods of life: childhood, adulthood and old age.

She takes a look at the social conditioning imposed on men and women from childhood and which evolves throughout life. Rustha Luna Pozzi-Escot questions “sexist” stereotypes and defines herself, not as a feminist artist, but as an observer of social codes. This new series thus remains close to his research around questions related to gender identity. Nevertheless, with VERSUS, it questions in a more intimate way, our relationship to ourselves and to the other as a man or a woman. VERSUS approaches each period of life as struggles to be waged against these conditionings.


La châsse

Self-portrait of the artist in love hunting

“It is in this immemorial story of reliquary hunting and amorous hunting that the work of Rustha Luna Pozzi-Escot takes place.

If the artist has several strings to her bow, she excels in the art of weaving. His installation takes the form of a self-portrait in five fragments of his body molded and woven with red threads. Hanging from the walls are like relics, but also trophies and vermilion red vanities of love, her portrait with long deer antlers, her breast in a shield pierced by arrows and her hand in a door knocker. On the ground, a pair of black shoes with high heels seems to have left the eponymous film by Almodovar to accompany the headless, truncated but glorious body of the artist transformed into carpets for a new journey ”


Bernard Lafargue,

Art critic

Editor in chief of Art Figures

Professor of aesthetics and art history at the Michel de Montaigne University of Bordeaux 3